Everyone wants to keep his teeth shiny, and for this regular brushing is necessary. If you had been using a manual toothbrush and just bought an electric toothbrush, you might be feeling a little bit reluctant to use it. Here are some tips to follow to become adept in using an electric toothbrush.

Step 1: Read User Manual Carefully

It is always necessary to read the user manual. The user should carefully read the instructions given in the user manual and remember them.

Step 2: Charge the Toothbrush

Charge your electric toothbrush fully before sing it for the first time. Then keep it in its charging pocket when not in use. Keep it in your washroom where it is easily reachable, and change its batteries when the toothbrush seems to lessen its effect.

Step 3: Apply toothpaste 

Wet the brush head with water and apply toothpaste. A pea size should be enough, more than that will cause you to finish your brushing quickly and spit it out.

Step 4: Think of your mouth having quadrants

Start thinking that your mouth is divided into quadrants, top, right and left, bottom, right and left. Start your brushing experience from the top angling your toothbrush at 45 degree angle pointing to your gums. The electric toothbrush will not require much effort from you.

Step 5: Brush every section of your mouth thoroughly

Brush every section of your mouth thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, before changing the location. In two to three minutes, your mouth should be completely brushed and cleaned.  Do take care not to brush soon after drinking acidic drinks or orange juice etc as it may harm your teeth enamel. Also, keep your hand pressure minimal on the toothbrush; this will be good both for the toothbrush and for your teeth.

Step 6: Brush your Tongue

Brush your tongue, so that the bacteria responsible for causing bad breath can go away. However, do take care that tongue should not be brushed with strength so that it does not hurt, or damage your tongue tissue.

Step 7: Wash your mouth

Take water in your hand, take it in your mouth, and spit out. Do this until the toothpaste is out of your mouth completely. If you are included in those people who think that fluoride impact would be less due if you spit, do not spit out the toothpaste.

Step 8: Wash your toothbrush head  

Wash your toothbrush head with water after separating it from the handle, and then let it dry for the next tooth brushing session.

Step 9: Use a mouthwash

Take a little bit of your favorite mouthwash and tae it in your mouth, move it right and left for half a minute and spit out. Beware, mouthwash should not be swallowed.

Step 10: Put the handle back to its charging base

As the toothbrush head gets dried up, put it back in its handle and place in its charging base. If the brush is charged, take care not to overcharge it.