The Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush By Smilex

Smilex Corporation has been making excellent quality electric toothbrushes to satisfy millions of people world wide for over 20 years. Electric toothbrushes by Smilex also have sonic technology to remove plaque and sonic waves vibrate in the toothbrush to scrub, polish and remove food particles from hard to reach areas in the mouth. This toothbrush by Smilex also has worth having features.

Key Features:

Size: This product measures 9 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 8 ounces. Seems quite light weight and easy to handle.

Dual Technology: In this electric toothbrush by Smilex, 18,000 sonic bristle vibrates combine in with 96 million ultrasonic pulses in order to remove food particles and plaque from difficult areas. Moreover, due to this dual technology combined in one toothbrush, the user does not have to use personal effort at all. All the work is done by the toothbrush.

Best in Plaque Removal: Smilex Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush has been proven to remove plaque up to 97% in 30 days time and helps in getting rid of gingivitis also. So, it can work as your home dentist also.

Two Brush Heads: Smilex Ultrasonic toothbrush has two brush heads and one massage head in its packaging. If one brush head wears off due to extensive use, use the second one, no need to track the customer service.

Gum Protection: This electric toothbrush has been proven to protect gums from diseases like gingivitis, and bleeding. Its ultrasonic waves can reach almost ½ inch below the gum line and provide protection.

Gum Massage Head: The special gum massage head is included increases the blood circulation in the gums and also helps a lot in recovering the bleeding gums.

Safe to Use with Braces: People using braces or those who have tooth implants, or fillings done in their mouth can use this electric toothbrush without fear and hesitation.

Smart Brushing Timer: In this toothbrush model by Smilex, the smart brushing timer alerts the user after every 45 seconds to move the brush to a new location for cleaning. The standard brushing time in this toothbrush is 3 minutes.

Rechargeable: This toothbrush gets charged through induction. The battery is of a good quality and lasts for at least two weeks of twice brushings means 28 brushing sessions with one time charging.

Pros and Cons of  Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush By Smilex  


  • Dual technology
  • Best in plaque removal
  • Two brush heads
  • Gum protection
  • Gum massage
  • Safe to use with braces
  • Smart brushing timer
  • Rechargeable


Few people complained that the power button is difficult to control.

Overall Review and Verdict:

Featuring dual technologies, this is one of the latest electric toothbrushes available. This toothbrush has been proven to show positive results in plaque removal and treating gingivitis. If you have gums related problems, do buy this toothbrush to treat these problems. Using it for the first time will satisfy you as you get from a dentist visit, and have the capabilities to make you its continuous fan as well.